Let me start by saying that K&R is indeed the “one true brace style”. It is simplistic, readable, concise, and that granddaddy of indentation styles! Call me old fashioned, but when you line up this style with the others, there is no contest.

By all means, it is definitely worthwhile to check out the wiki page of these other coding styles.


Based off this list, these are some objectionably reasonable indentation methods… and then there are some that need to decide if they even should have the tab key on their keyboard.

In this case you don’t really get to appreciate something until it’s gone. >:(

I’ll leave you with Haskell’s style from the wiki page:

Haskell¬†layout can make the placement of braces optional, although braces and semicolons are allowed in the language.”

while (x == y)
  { something()
  ; somethingelse()

Yeah, that’s apparently a thing.

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