Why our satire is the best:

You can't argue with results.


I'm trying to make easy plug and play plugins placed on pages with PHP and programming.


Anyone not using K&R indentation when coding needs to rethink their life goals.


Can we please stop trying to log into my site?
I get an email every time you try, and my phone is constantly buzzing.

Meet the team:

See what it takes to create, destroy, protect, attack, love, hate, and imagine code.
price tag with long string


The Dish

I worked retail, so I'm used to looking at tags all day.

coding braces


The Art

Remember, if you mess up one line, none of it will work!

paint dripping from roller


The Flavor

Hello Lowe's employee, I'd like the color hsl(9, 100%, 64%) AKA #ff6347 AKA rgb(255, 99, 71), please.

stacked servers


The Platter

Server side goodies.


What did I want to post on the Internet today?

Diabetes Mellitus

I’m about to go down the rabbit hole so make sure the rope you tied around your waist that I’m pulling is also anchored at the entrance. So I was reading this article: Autoantibodies in Read more…


Using some basic JavaScript and CSS we are able to create a lighting effect.